“Raising The Standard” At The Heart Of The 2012 IDSc Annual Conference

From 26th to 28th November 2012, the Institute of Decontamination Sciences staged its 45th Annual Conference. The main theme of the 2012 Conference was “Raising the Standard”, with infection control issues at the heart of the event. Tristan Murray, in his capacity as Chairman of the ABHI SISIS, was delighted to have been able to participate in the event, which he hopes will “help towards developing a closer collaboration between industry and the wider hospital landscape”.

The opening speaker of the Conference, John Wilkinson OBE, Director of Devices at the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA), introduced the role of the MHRA in helping address the challenges facing the industry following the spotlight on medical devices in recent times. Mr Wilkinson stressed the need to restore and maintain the confidence of all UK stakeholders, from patients through the whole supply chain, and outlined how this might be achieved through awareness, education, training and reporting as part of a concerted and collective effort.

The Conference went on to explore a number of issues over the three day event, including a lively debate on the new Choice Framework for local Policy and Procedures (CFPP 01-01). Among the speakers, Professor David Perrett provided a very insightful presentation on the research carried out by the William Harvey Research Institute into methods for testing residual proteins on washed surgical instruments. The Professor highlighted some exciting new technologies in this field, whilst also raising concerns over some of the single use alternatives currently available.

Tristan Murray was pleased to have been able to present on behalf of the ABHI towards the end of the event. Mr Murray was elected Chair of the Surgical Instrument Special Interest Section of the ABHI in 2011 and presented the work the group is currently undertaking to develop awareness, education and training on surgical instruments. Through working in partnership with all stakeholder interests, the group aims to help raise the standard of instrumentation in the marketplace, based on the principles of quality, patient safety and value.

A copy of the presentation is available to download here.

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