Launch Of New PTFE Stirrer Bar Catalogue

Following increased demand since first showing the range at the Achema Exhibition in 2012, S Murray & Co is pleased to introduce a new catalogue dedicated to Samco PTFE Stirrer Bars and associated accessories.

Manufactured in the UK, Samco Stirrer Bars are isostatically moulded in pure PTFE which conforms to both FDA and USP Class VI requirements. They can be used in the most corrosive environments, are inert to virtually all chemical reagents and will not contaminate the most sensitive medium. They have high thermal stability and can withstand working temperatures up to c. 280ºC.

The catalogue showcases a range of sizes available, including plain, cylindrical, triangular, octahedral and oval. Micro colour-coded stirrer bars are also included, as well as a range of stirrer shafts and blades, and magnet retrievers. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require different sizes or additional items from those shown in the catalogue.

Download the PDF (8.6mb)