New Blow Moulding Machine Boosts Bottle Production

On Saturday 27th July, S Murray & Co welcomed an eagerly-awaited new blow moulding machine at the company’s factory in Old Woking, Surrey. Commissioned earlier in the year, the new arrival represents a significant enhancement to the manufacturing facility and an important addition to the company’s current and future production capacity.

S Murray & Co is very appreciative of the support received from its customers, which has seen demand for the company’s plastic bottles continue to grow, in spite of the challenging worldwide economic climate over recent years. With so many stories of manufacturers relocating overseas being reported in the media, S Murray & Co is proud to have always remained true to its British manufacturing roots.

As well as manufacturing and supporting a substantial line of stock products, S Murray & Co offers custom designed bottles in production run quantities. The new machine will not only further reinforce this flexibility in production, but will also provide for additional capacity to meet the anticipated ongoing growth in demand.

With the company’s 100 year anniversary now just two years away, the new investment represents not only a significant step towards addressing the immediate demand, but also an important development in preparation for the future.