Pallet Donation In Support Of Local Charity

Founded in September 2011 by actress Jenny Seagrove, Mane Chance Sanctuary in Compton, Surrey, provides long term care for abused, ill and abandoned horses and animals. When one of the current intake was found frightened in S Murray’s front car park 18 months ago, the company has had an association with the local charity ever since.

Apart from caring for the animals, a great deal of work has been done by the organisation to introduce school children, terminally ill and disabled children and their families to the Sanctuary, teaming up with “St Christopher’s Hospice” and “Disability Challengers”, both based in Guildford. As it reaches out to other local businesses, S Murray was pleased to be able to support the charity by donating a number of wooden pallets, which were subsequently converted into fencing used around the site.

It is S Murray’s pleasure to raise awareness of the Sanctuary and, with their kind permission, to share a letter from the charity which highlights some of the wonderful work they do. View the letter by downloading the PDF here or viewing below.

For more information about Mane Chance Sanctuary visit: