Surgical focus on visit to Oman, Bahrain and Qatar

As a regular visitor to the Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai over recent years, January 2010 saw a visit to the region of a different kind, as S Murray Sales Manager Tristan Murray spent time with the company’s surgical distributors in Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

The Gulf States have represented a significant market for S Murray & Co for many years, in particular for the company’s Ear, Nose and Throat instrumentation, of which the company has a well-established range. Developing the company’s relationship in these markets has always been important to S Murray & Co, with visits to the region now spanning a number of decades.

Amongst several highlights of the trip was a visit to the Al Kindi Hospital in Bahrain. In partnership with the company’s long-standing distributor Yousuf Mahmood Husain, S Murray & Co helped equip the newly built private hospital in 2008 and it was very pleasing to visit the hospital facility today. Equally, a visit to the Ministry of Health in Oman provided a valuable insight into how the company’s products are regarded and S Murray is very appreciative of the work which has been done by Ebin Rushed Pharmacy in raising and developing the company’s brand profile in this market.

“It was invaluable to meet the team from all of our distributors, including Sci-Tech Arabia in Qatar, in some cases for the first time” asserts Tristan, “and I am thankful for the time spent together and the opportunity to develop our relationships for the future”. With visits to a number of key hospital facilities and a wonderful courtesy extended throughout, the visit has certainly reinforced the special nature of these markets for S Murray & Co.