The Diamond Jubilee – the Start of a New Golden Age of “Made in Britain”?

The summer of 2012 is all set to be a very exciting and patriotic one for Great Britain. Starting with the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II over the opening weekend of June and culminating in the hosting of the Olympic Games in London for the first time since 1948, S Murray is proud to be a British manufacturer during this patriotic time.

The Diamond Jubilee marks 60 years since Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne. That so many hundreds of thousands battled the wind and rain to line the streets for the river pageant and carriage parade reflects the warmth and affection with which she is held and the respect that she has commanded throughout her reign. As Prince William and Princess Katherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, grow in popularity, there is a sense that perhaps the Royal Family offer a much needed sense of stability during these difficult and turbulent economic times.

What this summer has reinforced is a strong and overriding sense of a pride in being British. As consumers begin to tire of the quality compromises made in the pursuit of the cheapest imports, it has been noticeable on the high street that there is a trend back towards being British-made and the quality and value which that traditionally represents. From butter to beer and toilet rolls to teddy bears, it is difficult to escape the Union Jack branding on the products we see all around us.

As we become ever aware of environmental issues, global footprints, sustainable and ethical production and the true costs and compromises of the products we buy, it is our hope at S Murray that the true value of being a British manufacturer will shine through. Just as the flags are flying from the windows of houses and cars alike, so too is S Murray proud to be flying the flag for “Made in Britain”.