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Steriliser Self-Seal Pouches


S Murray self-seal pouches come in a wide range of sizes to allow the quick, efficient and visible packing and sterilisation of individual medical devices, without the need for separate heat seal equipment. Manufactured from heavyweight 68gsm paper in accordance with EN868-3 and plastic film compliant to EN868-5, each pouch is also printed with a lot number for full manufacturing traceability.

All pouches are marked with Class A process indicators for both steam and ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilisation, with a blue tinted transparent 2-ply laminate film allowing for easy viewing of the contents. Testing has been carried out on pouches both before and after steam and ethylene oxide processing, in accordance with Annex D of EN868-5, to confirm compliance with these requirements.

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Key products include

– A comprehensive range of sizes from 60mm x 100mm to 305mm x 381mm as standard
– Additional sizes available upon request, where production volumes allow

Aural Forceps


This catalogue presents the S Murray range of Aural Forceps and Scissors in a new photographic style, with close-up images showing the detailed working ends of these high quality, precision-made surgical instruments.

British made at the company’s Sheffield factory, a choice of finish is available to suit individual preference. The standard finish is an anti-glare, satin finish in response to growing demand, whilst the traditional black finish is also available by special order where markets prefer.

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Key products include

– Hartmann Aural Forceps – standard and extra fine
– Cawthorne Forceps and Scissors
– Ormerod Forceps and Scissors
– Henkel, Hough and House-Dieter Malleus Forceps
– Shea Forceps
– Portmann Scissors



High quality range of British made Laryngoscopes, Oesophagoscopes and Fibre Light Carriers. The handles, lumen and side tubes are all manufactured from high quality surgical grade stainless steel and silver soldered for optimal autoclave resistance. Finished with an anti-glare satin finish as standard, a black finish is also available by special order.

S Murray Fibre Light Carriers are manufactured to a British standard 7.6mm connection. Manufactured using high quality fibre optic glass and optically polished at both ends, the carriers are designed to fit securely within the side tubes to achieve maximum illumination in use.

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Key products include

– Fraser laryngoscopes
– R.N.T.N.E. laryngoscopes
– Negus laryngoscopes and oesophageal speculum
– Rhys Evans laryngoscopes
– Negus oesophagoscopes
– Aspirating tubes
– Twin and single fibre light carriers